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2i Capital PCC is a private equity fund based in Mauritius. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius (FSC) [and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for investing in India].

2i Capital PCC is authorised and regulated by the FSC as a Collective Investment Scheme (or CIS), an Expert Fund, and a Self-Managed Fund.

2i Capital invests in venture capital and private equity opportunities globally, but has pioneering investment experience in India as its first Foreign Venture Capital Investor (FVCI), a licence that was granted by SEBI in early 2001.

2i Capital invests in companies with competitive advantages in local and global markets, and those that strive to take advantage of growing trends of consumerism, consumption, exports and outsourcing, or the need for improved physical infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, logistics, and financial empowerment. 2i Capital also invests in technology, aerospace, defence, sustainable energy, leisure, life sciences, and other industries.

Given the fund's ability to create segregated, managed accounts under the main umbrella structure, we provide a selective, bespoke service that is of greatest use to investors’ investment allocations and strategies. The advantage of 2i Capital is that the investors’ best interests are paramount, and managed by very experienced fiduciaries.

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